Gorevizon Optima Manual Box Storage Queen Bed (Sienna Cherry)


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In stock

  • Queen size bed with dimensions of 168.3cm (length), 205.3cm (width), 84.8cm (height)
  • Premium quality engineered wood structure which has had more than 20 safety and quality tests performed
  • Smooth edges for protection against accidental scrapes and cuts
  • Durable and sturdy bed frame that has been tested over 21,000 cycles for 100 kg weight
  • Safe bed edges certified by testing over 10,000 cycles for 100 kg weight
  • Capable of withstanding loads of up to 360 kg
  • Elegant caramel mahogany finish for glossy look and easy cleaning
  • Made with high quality European standard particle board
  • Tested for resistance against humidity to make a robust structure
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins to ensure safe use
  • Do not move or push without dismantling. Avoid using wet cloth to wipe furniture for better care

Elegant Design

The elegant Solimo Box Storage Queen Bed is made using premium quality engineered wood with a rich finish. Its smoothened edges give it a contemporary feel while the spacious surface makes it comfortable to use.

Durable and Safe

The bed is made from European standard particle board and is free from harmful chemicals and lead, making it durable and safe. The bed has also undergone over 20 tests to ensure its safety and quality, including a durability test where 100kg weight was put on the bed 21,000 times. Additionally, the bed was also tested 5000 times for box operability. The bed’s design is free from burrs and sharp edges to prevent injuries, and its material is humidity-resistant for enhanced longevity.

Sturdy Build

The build of the bed is sturdy and has undergone bed edge testing, where a weight of 100kg was placed on the edge of the bed 10,000 times to ensure its stability. Additionally, the robust built of the bed can withstand a weight of upto 360 kg without any damage. The materials and construction make the bed heavy-duty and long lasting in nature.


The premium-quality wood used in making the bed has been tested for resistance against humidity. This ensures that your bed retains its strength throughout the rainy season and the wood does not lose its shape.

Care Instructions

For a bed that looks newer for longer, check all fittings regularly and re-tighten as necessary. To clean the surfaces of your bed, use a damp cloth. To ensure durability, never allow any liquid to stay on its surfaces. It may cause the wood to warp, and the finish to delaminate. Ensure that the bed is not constantly dragged or pulled.

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