Share Foundation

Share foundation is an NGO which aims at empowering the needy in various aspects of life like health and nutrition, education, child protection and disaster relief. Within our program various people have been benifited as stated in the following facts:
54,197 new born lives saved
3,074 health workers trained
1,34,946 children enrolled into schools
70,223 children and families were given relief during emergency

How to donate on gorevizon for share foundation.
With the collaboration of share foundation with gorevizon, there are two ways to donate to share foundation.
First, you can either buy it as a product on gorevizon. All the amount collected by gorevizon will be transfered to share foundation. You can buy in the donations of Rs.10, Rs.50, Rs.100 or Rs.500

Donation of Rs.10 to NGO

Rs. 10

Donation of Rs.50 to NGO

Rs. 50

Donation of Rs.100 to NGO

Rs. 100

Donation of Rs.500 to NGO

Rs. 500

Secondly, if you buying a product on gorevizon,you can also click on checkbox that appears on the cart page, which shall automatically add Rs.20 to your subtotal as a donation to NGO.

If you have any queries you can contact us on our helpline number.