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Colgate Active Salt Lemon Toothpaste, Germ Fighting Toothpaste for Healthy Gums, Removes Yellowness of Teeth, 200g (Pack of 3)

  • Don’t take a chance with dental problems. Use Colgate Active Salt, packed with the GOODNESS OF SALT and LEMON, that helps prevent dental problems and gives your family a worry-free smile
  • Its GERM-FIGHTING FORMULA WITH SALT helps remove sticky/ hidden germs, giving you healthier and cleaner teeth
  • It contains lemon that is known for its germ-fighting and whitening properties. This toothpaste helps remove yellow stains from your teeth
  • Recommended usage: Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Children below 6 years of age should have adult supervision

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Don’t take a chance with dental problems. Use Colgate Active Salt that is packed with the goodness of salt and lemon. It helps keep remove yellowness with regular brushing. The refreshing minty flavor gives fresher breath when used as directed for oral hygiene. Its unique germ-fighting formula with salt helps remove hidden germs. It helps prevent dental problems, giving your family a worry-free smile. Brush twice a day with Colgate Active Salt Lemon toothpaste as recommended by dentists. Colgate is India’s No. 1 brand recommended by Dentists and offers unique oral hygiene solutions to ensure complete protection against germs and plaque build-up.

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