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Puvi Cold Pressed Coconut oil (Chekku / Ghani) 1 Litre

  • No chemicals used, no preservatives or adulterants
  • Suitable for cooking including deep frying
  • Distinct coconut oil aroma in cooked food
  • Excellent for external use on skin and hair, including children
  • Made from copra using Ghani/Chekku machine

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In stock

PUVI cold pressed Coconut Oil is extracted from sun dried coconut kernel without any chemical processes. It’s plain and pure coconut oil without any chemical ingredients and Sulphur treatment. We use coconuts from reliable farms to ensure purity. The naturally occurring rich aroma, flavour, and taste of the coconut is preserved. The product comes from a family run business that’s been in agriculture for centuries. PUVI means Earth, a reminder of the soil we so value.

Please note the oil will be cloudy, with a mild tinge of yellow. It can also have flecks of white floating in cool temperature and fully freeze if cold.

Children to elders can enjoy – whether it’s to cook or for a hair/body massage. The oil is unrefined and naturally clarified. This keeps nutrients intact.

This is not a mass production oil, it’s a really pure handcrafted oil made for the discerning customers who appreciate quality.

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