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Oleev Olive Pomace Oil for Everyday Cooking, 5L TIN

  • Neutral flavor and the perfect choice for all types of cooking (frying, sautéing, grilling)
  • Rich in MUFA and essential vitamins that strengthen the body with good fat and lowers the effects of bad cholesterol
  • Vitamin E in Oleev Pomace shields the body from infections and helps in faster healing
  • Vitamin K in Oleev Pomace improves bone density and strength
  • High Smoke Point

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Enjoy the versatile range of Oleev’s multisourcetm and healthy cooking oils, specially designed for healthier and active lifestyles with Oleev Active, Oleev Smart, Oleev Health, Oleev Pomace, Oleev Extra Virgin and Oleev Extra Light olive oil. Now enjoy food GUILT-FREE with Oleev’s special sci-fry technology, that absorbs significantly less oil that helps prevent several lifestyle diseases. Bring home Oleev today to add that extra dose of health and energy to your family’s daily diet! Maximum Shelf Life: 20 Months.

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