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Kellogg’s Oats, 2kg

  • Start your day by taking care of your health with the goodness of Kellogg’s Oats which are quick to prepare and consume
  • Oats is a wonder grain that has more soluble fibre than some grains like Wheat and Rice. Kellogg’s Oats are 100% whole grain and are high in fibre and protein
  • Whole grain oats provide energy to keep you going. Oats are low in sodium and foods low in sodium may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • Naturally cholesterol free and with no added preservatives
  • Kellogg’s Oats can be made into many delicious recipes every day. These include porridge, tempting dosas, tasty idlis, delectable upmas and savoury pohas and many more, so you can make a smart start to a healthy lifestyle in a yummy way
  • Country of Origin: India

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Peppy Papaya Drink

Ingredients: 2 tbsp Kellogg’s Oats, 2 tbsp Low fat milk, 2 cups Ripe papayas (cut into pieces), ½ cup Water (or a little more), 4 tsp Sugar or sweetener, 1 tsp Garden cress seeds (soaked in water for 10-15 mins)


Step 1: Cook Kellogg’s Oats with milk and water and blend well in a liquidizer.

Step 2: To the blended Kellogg’s Oats, add pieces of ripe papaya, sugar and ice cubes

Step 3: Blend again in the liquidizer

Step 4: Mix in garden cress seeds. Serve chilled in tall glasses

Chanadal Payasam

Ingredients: ½ cup Chana dal, ¼ cup Kellogg’s Oats, 2 tsp Garden cress, ¾ cup Jaggery, 150 ml Soya/skim milk, 1 tbsp Cashew nuts, 3-4 Cardamom (seeds pounded), 2 tsp Ghee


Step 1: Heat ghee in a sauce pan, saute the cashewnuts, soaked garden cress and keep aside

Step 2: Clean, wash chana dal, add 1½ cup of water and cook till done

Step 3: Add Kellogg’s Oats, jaggery, cashewnuts, soaked garden cress and cook for 5-7 mins (if required some more water may be added)

Step 4: Add soya/skim milk, cardamom powder and simmer for a while

Step 5: Thicken to desired consistency, serve hot

Veggie Nutri Cutlets

Ingredients: 2-3 raw banana (pressure cook for 1 whistle, cool, peel), ½ cup Kellogg’s Oats, 3 tbsp Soya granules (soak in warm water for 10 mins, squeeze), 3 tbsp Carrot (grated), 3 tbsp Cabbage, 3 tbsp Capsicum, 2 tbsp Onion, 3 tbsp Roasted peanuts (peel & crush), 2 tsp Flax seeds (slightly roasted), 2 tsp Til (slightly roasted), 2-3 tsp Ginger garlic paste, 3 tbsp Coriander leaves, 2-3 Green chillies, ½ tsp Red chillies, ½ tsp Garam masala, Salt, 1 Lemon juice, 2 tbsp Kellogg’s Oats (powdered) for dry coating, 2 tbsp Corn flour, 1 tbsp Fine rava


1. Mash the boiled peeled bananas, soya granules, Kellogg’s Oats, carrots, cabbage, capsicum, onion, ginger-garlic paste, coriander leaves, chillies, dry spices, salt, peanuts, flax seeds, til and lime juice blend evenly

2. Make 12-14 oval shaped portions

3. Mix cornflour and Kellogg’s Oats powder with 1tbsp fine rava and coat cutlets

4.Heat a non-stick pan with oil

5. Cook on medium heat on either side till done and crispy

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